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Flaxley Tyres is a modern garage with traditional values. While we use the latest technology available in the market to engage in vehicle-related services, our values command us to focus on customer interaction. We make it a point to make the customers aware of how their vehicle should ideally function, what is the problem with the functioning, and what are the available options for fixing the issue. We believe this is the method with which we can facilitate reason-based ethical behaviour in the consumer society we live in. We share the hope of creating a just market with the people who have put their faith in capitalism.

Our team is highly-skilled. The experts and technicians have earned their specialisation through years of hard work. It is to note that their experience is something customers can rely upon. With the clear understanding of vehicles that we have, we promise to plug any issues your suspension system might be facing. Most of the times, as it has been noticed, the usual suspension issue that we come across is wheel misalignment. Misalignment can be caused due to multiple possible reasons and also has prominent indications. It is imperative for customers to be aware of the same.


The reasons or causes of misalignment are many. However, before getting to the reasons, it is important to understand what alignment is in the first place. Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of wheel angles (in relation to other suspension components) in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In this case, we are referring to two-wheel alignment, which is also known as wheel tracking. The process of adjusting the toe, camber, caster, and thrust angles according to the manufacturer’s specifications is what we do in this service. Below are the causes of misalignment.

  • Driving over damaged roads and bumpy surfaces
  • Driving through potholes or against curbs
  • Accidents of any sorts
  • Improper tyre fitting or wheel mounting
  • Uneven tyre wear

If you notice any of the above, it is time that you bring your vehicle to our garage. We will fix it in relatively less time.

What will happen if you do not get the misalignment fixed?

The next question that we need to ask is what if we the misalignment is not fixed? There are several consequences to this. Wheel alignment is an element of the vehicle that determines how the tyres and wheels will function in relation to each other. It is also determining how smooth the drive will be, and how much force is required to move the vehicle. Therefore, if the alignment is not fixed on time, the following consequences would be noticeable.

  • Your vehicle will be unable to move in a straight line
  • Reduced grip and mileage
  • Extended braking distance
  • Reduced driving safety
  • Increased uneven tyre wear
  • Increased rolling resistance
  • Increased wear on suspension components
  • Increase in fuel consumption

The above are major consequences one might face due to misalignment. It will affect the working of your vehicle in significant ways. That is why it is imperative to get the misalignment fixed as soon as possible.

Do you require the two-wheel tracking service? All you need to do is drive-in or simply look a slot for yourself on our website.

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