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Ford Fiesta Wheel Alignment

Dominating the automobile industry since 1976, Ford Fiesta is currently in its seventh generation. Every new generation this car model includes some additional features that make them better than the previous one. Therefore, to make the most of your Ford Fiesta, you need to take care of the manufacturer-specific guidelines and opt for routine maintenance checks accordingly.

At Flaxley Tyres, we specialise in providing top-quality services. From tyre pressure check to wheel alignment, we offer several essential services. Correctly aligned wheels are essential to ensure maximum safety and superior driving experience. Your Ford Fiesta may cost you an increase in fuel consumption by up to 7% if your vehicle is out of alignment.

Signs that indicate you need Ford Fiesta wheel alignment Birmingham

  • The vehicle drifts to the left or right
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Loose steering
  • Squealing tyres
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Uneven and accelerated tread wear

As soon as you detect these signs, we recommend you visit a professional auto garage like Flaxley Tyres.

Why choose us?

We, Flaxley Tyres, are one of the few facilities in the Birmingham area to use the advanced Hunter Wheel Alignment system to accurately adjust wheel angles. Our services of Ford Fiesta Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham are quick, accurate and delivered with superb precision.

  • HawkEye high-resolution cameras: The four high-resolution cameras give 3D modelling of wheel positions.
  • HawkEye wheel sensors: It provides accurate wheel alignment measurements which are ten times more precise than conventional camera wheel aligners.
  • WinAlign software: This database offers vehicle information which enhances the wheel alignment process as per manufacturer guidelines.

Your supermini Ford Fiesta requires regular car care as every other vehicle.

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