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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres - one of the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide

Pirelli has been able to establish a leading position in the high-end segment in recent years.

The Pirelli technology, which has proven itself in motorsport, has been entirely adapted to daily requirements.

Pirelli offers the right tyre for every type of vehicle, providing first-class driving comfort and maximum safety in all weathers and on every road surface.

Whether you are looking for summer- winter-, all-season-, 4x4/SUV-, Performance- or Run-flat-Tyres, Pirelli tyres are available right here at Flaxley Tyres in Birmingham at the best prices.

Safe on the road with the Pirelli "Seal Inside" technology

The "Seal Inside" technology developed by Pirelli also makes it possible to safely continue driving without an immediate loss of compressed air, even if the tyre is knocked through by a foreign body. This prevents almost 85 percent of accidents caused by a sudden drop of pressure. Meanwhile, this revolutionary Pirelli technology is already used in a variety of Pirelli tyres.

The right grip on any surface - Pirelli tyres

Pirelli makes a real-world premier tyre by combining two different profiles. Directional Pirelli tyres on the front axle increase water displacement and ensure that the asymmetrical Pirelli tyres on the rear axle hit a drier track. On the one hand, this offers better tracking stability and, on the other hand, provides the first-class grip on both dry and wet roads.

Pirelli tyres convince not only at but also in many different, independent tyre tests.

You cannot go wrong with Pirelli Tyres. Buy today from our Flaxley Tyres website.

If you have any queries, need help choosing the right tyres for your vehicle or would like to book any of our other services, please get in touch.

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