About Us

Hello and Welcome to Flaxley Tyres Garage in Birmingham

You can find our workshop right opposite the Stechford Retail Park – ideal for shopping and relaxing while we sort your tyres etc. out for you…

Our small, friendly team specialises in tyres and all tyre-related services.

We look after your vehicle for you, fast, accurate and cost-efficient.

These are our company guidelines:

  • The advice and support of customers always have priority over other tasks.
  • Every action is always correct, sincere and decent. With the knowledge of our commitment to the environment.
  • All tyres and products have the highest possible quality.
  • Dedicated, qualified and regularly trained employees are the basis of our success.

We are proud to have gained a solid base of regular customers over the years who recommend us and give us positive feedback.

If you are looking for an excellent tyre Garage in Birmingham, please come to us.

On our website, you can see all our services, read about many tyre-related topics and also buy your next set of tyres conveniently online. We have thousands of tyres available in all sizes, for every season and every budget.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Your Flaxley Tyres Team