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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

As well as most of today's vehicles, winter tyres have become a high-tech product. Ongoing development and optimisation in many areas (from traction to fuel consumption, from braking distance to noise), however, also show the respective limits and contrasts.


Our tyre specialists at Flaxley Tyres, therefore, recommend that the selection of new winter tyres should not only be adapted to your vehicle but also to the driving style and the most common field of application. We are happy to advise you on all the details.

From 7 degrees plus, winter tyres are the better choice

When autumn arrives or winter is already noticeable, it is time to prepare your vehicle for the cold months. From an external temperature of 7 degrees plus, the special rubber compound of winter tyres in conjunction with the cold road surface forms an optimally adhering connection. Upgrade to winter tyres on time - only real winter tyres are also designed for the exceptional road conditions and master even difficult situations at any time.

Snow brake comparison from 30 mph to a standstill - winter tyres vs summer tyres

The braking distances and the curve characteristics of summer tyres are significantly worse in the cold season than those of winter tyres. The measurements of the winter tyre specialists from Continental speak a clear language: Even at 30 mph, the braking distance of vehicles with summer tyres on snow is twice as long as compared to a car with winter tyres Birmingham.

Buy cheap winter tyres Birmingham – Flaxley Tyres.

The right tyres for your car

We at Flaxley Tyres are happy to advise you to find out your individual needs and to equip you with the right tyres for your purposes.

If you already have an idea of which tyres you want, you can easily find them on our Flaxley Tyres website. Just type your tyre size into our search engine and choose from many different brands for every purpose and every budget.

We will certainly also fit them for you if you like. Just chose a convenient day and time with your order and everything will be ready for you when you come over to our workshop.