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The directional stability and the handling of your vehicle depend on the correct setting of the axle geometry. Already driving through a pothole or against a curb can bring the vulnerable geometry out of balance. Impairment of the exact straight-line stability and the precise steerability of the vehicle can be as consequences as an increased rolling resistance and uneven tyre wear. Thanks to the wheel alignment offered by your Flaxley Tyres specialists together with the axle adjustment at a fair price, you can remain right on track. Rely on safety, ride comfort and economy with our range of wheel alignment services.


The lane and fall of your vehicle should always be set correctly. Under alignment/tracking, we understand the position of the right and left wheels of an axle to each other and the best (not quite a parallel) alignment of both wheels in the direction of travel.

Camber refers to the inclination of the wheel plane, which should not deviate too far from the vertical line of the road. A minimum deviation, called positive, when a wheel tilts upwardly outwards and is negative when a wheel tilts upwards inwards may be advantageous.

With optimum track and camber values, the tyres can use the maximum contact surface. In addition, the wheels pull the vehicle neither to the left nor the right. Thus, a safe drive with the car requires a professional wheel alignment and tracking. After this work by the Flaxley Tyres experts, your car drives straight ahead again and can be controlled precisely.

  • Causes of a misaligned axle geometry

There are many causes of incorrect suspension adjustment. Even light bumps that affect the chassis mechanics may already lead to shifts. The geometry of the axles may get out of balance when:

o    Driving over damaged roads or bumpy surfaces

o    Driving through potholes

o    Driving against curbs

o    Accidents, such as when hitting another vehicle

Notes on an adjusted axle geometry

The following signs indicate that the geometry of the axle (s) of your vehicle is no longer correct:

  • There are rumbling or squeaky chassis noise, especially when cornering
  • You get an unclean reaction to steering movements (spongy steering feel)
  • A tilted steering wheel when the vehicle is not moving
  • Consequences of an adjusted axle geometry

The consequences of displaced vehicle axles are noticeable through:

o    A faulty straight-ahead or left-hand or right-hand drive of the vehicle

o    A reduced grip and mileage of the wheels

o    An extended braking distance

o    Greatly reduced driving safety

o    Increased one-sided tyre wear, the tendency of the tyres to "sawtooth."

o    Significantly increased rolling resistance

o    Increased wear of suspension, springs and shock absorbers

o    An increased fuel consumption

o    Limited reliability of assistance systems (e.g. lane departure and distance assistant)


An inconspicuous driving behaviour does not necessarily exclude a faulty suspension setting. At least once a year or after about every 12,500 miles, we, therefore, recommend a review. This check and the attitude of the track and the fall we are offering at low prices.

In addition, a check or correction of the axle adjustment should also take place in the following cases:

  • After an accident
  • After a tyre change
  • After mounting (larger) alloy wheels, spring changes, repairs to the steering, shock absorber change, wheel spacers, lowering, change of wishbones, etc.
  • Once a tyre's shoulder has unusually heavy wear
  • If the handling is unstable and/or the vehicle is lurching
  • If the driving behaviour deteriorates
  • With increased fuel consumption


The effects of a front or rear axle can be both expensive and dangerous. The professional, precise wheel alignment at Flaxley tyres in Birmingham provides an effective remedy here. We use modern electronic measuring technology to check how much the axle geometry of your vehicle is out of balance.

In this way, we can optimally align the lane and lintel after the wheel alignment on your car:

  • We carry out a visual inspection of the tyre profiles
  • We check the settings of front axle or front axle and rear axle
  • We set the lane, camber and caster in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for the axle geometry.

After the wheel alignment and axle adjustment, you will receive a free "test certificate" from us. Using the data, you can compare the values before and after the measurement and adjustment of the vehicle axle.

Any questions? Please get in touch. We will be happy to help.

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