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The tyre manufacturer Firestone already had a feel for trends 100 years ago. Today, the American tyre manufacturer offers a wide range of car tyres, which also have the modern run-flat technology.


The tyre manufacturer Firestone is best known for its range of winter tyres and new run-flat tyres.

  • Firestone Winter Tyres:Firestone tyres are designed to meet the high demands of the cold season: snow, ice, uneven pavement - the tyre manufacturer has transferred the imperative of safety as a tyre supplier for the race track to everyday traffic. Firestone manufactures tyres for cars, vans and trucks. These Firestone tyres are tailored to the weather conditions with a rubber compound and a rolling behaviour with the lowest possible volume.
  • Firestone Run-flat Tyres: Some of the features on some Firestone tyre models include run-flat technology. This rather new technology makes it possible for motorists to continue driving for some time in the event of a breakdown, for example, to reach the nearest tyre service. Run-flat tyres stay in shape even when pressure drops. You no longer need to carry a spare tyre.


The tyre manufacturer Firestone was founded in 1990 in Ohio (USA). The company was named after its founder Harvey Samuel Firestone, who comes from the German family Feuerstein, who emigrated from Alsace to America at the end of the 18th century. The company was one of the first companies of its kind to produce air-filled tyres. These were used at the beginning for wagons and carts, the then common means of transport. Firestone soon recognised the trend towards the automobile, and soon Firestone tyres were also available for cars. Firestone is the founder of mass production of tyres. The reason is also that Firestone in 1906, the original supplier for the automobiles Ford Motor Company. Its founder was again the inventor assembly line work.

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