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There are several aspects to consider when buying tyres. In the selection, a driver must draw attention to vehicle performance, driving style, etc.

So it is also important, whether a driver is mainly driving in city traffic or on countryside roads. Drivers who prefer high speeds must choose the tyres with better grip and good lateral stiffness. Driving at a fast pace requires a tyre that ensures safety at the highest level.

As expected, the performance of Mid-range tyres is a bit lower than the performance of top-of-the-line tyres, but they are definitely of better quality than the tyres in the budget class.

The tyres of the middle class are distinguished by a good quality, which comes along with a low price. They are suitable for all vehicle types. They are used in both small cars and compact cars and even luxury vehicles. Mid-range tyres can be used on or off-road. The mid-range tyres are popular for their value for money.

Buy cheap mid-range tyres in Birmingham at Flaxley Tyres.

Here at Flaxley Tyres, you can find a great selection of quality medium-range tyres in all regular sizes and for every purpose and season.

These are some of our most popular mid-range tyre brands:

  • Kumho Tyres
  • Altenzo Tyres
  • Nexen Tyres
  • BF Goodrich Tyres
  • Firestone Tyres
  • Uniroyal Tyres

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