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Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres – favourably priced quality from South Korea.

Kumho is a tyre manufacturer from South Korea, producing reasonably priced tyres since 1960.

Kumho has been able to establish itself in the top-10 of the largest tyre producersover the years means Kumho tyres have proven their good quality. You'll be spoiled for choice with this manufacturer. After all, Kumho offers not only regular winter tyres and summer tyres but also performance- and all-season tyres for your car.

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No matter what kind of car tyre, no matter what season, here on our Flaxley Tyres website you can find the perfect Kumho tyres for your vehicle.

Top grip on Kumho tyres

Kumho tyres offer excellent rolling-resistance and therefore a great level of smoothness. Also, Kumho tyres are characterised by a good grip under dry/wet conditions as well as a very accurate steering-behaviour. The intelligent profile design of the Kumho tyres, moisture is very well drained, which significantly increases safety and aquaplaning prevention. These properties are important for your car both in winter tyres and in summer tyres.

Kumho summer tyres and winter tyre tests:

In recent years, Kumho tyres have also attracted attention through good test results. In several independent tests, Kumho Tyres have even surpassed the products of the well-known brand manufacturers.

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Whether you are looking for winter tyres, summer tyres or all-season tyres, we cover the range of this brand and many other manufacturers regarding excellent tyre performance from A to Z.

For your car and SUV, you can buy not only the right tyres from us at fair prices but also book other tyre-related services. If you have questions, please contact our team!

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