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Buy safe budget Tyres – Flaxley tyres in the Birmingham area.

Cheap tyres from the Far East generally perform very poorly in tyre tests. Important points, such as driving safety and braking behaviour are often heavily criticised in low-priced tyres.

Therefore, Flaxley Tyres carries only budget tyres that meet the highest safety standards in the UK.

On our website you will never find any “no-name tyres", nobody’s ever heard of!

Buy cheap budget tyres in Birmingham – Flaxley Tyres

Our assortment of budget tyres is a decent alternative for all drivers only driving average mileage and at a normal speed.

Please have a look at our tyre range.

Just type in the tyre size you need for your car, and in a few seconds, you will see all the tyres we have available.

Compare the prices of our premium tyre range, our medium tyre range and our budget tyre range and simply choose the ones you like.

If you are not sure which tyres to buy, we will be happy to help you.

Please call us, send us an email or just come to see us at our workshop.

No matter which tyres you choose - at Flaxley Tyres you will always buy at excellent prices.

 Buy cheap brand tyres - but not cheap tyres! Because your safety is most important to us.



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