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Ford Mustang

Currently in its sixth generation, the Ford Mustang was awarded the title of the best-selling sports car and the world’s bestselling sports coupe for the fifth consecutive year in 2019. According to a recent vehicle registration update issued by IHS Markit, around 102,000 units of Ford Mustang were sold globally, which helped it bag the title of the best-selling car in 2019. The UK market also showed an increase of 3% in Ford Mustang sale than the previous year.

With such increased popularity and demand for Ford Mustang, the responsibility of maintaining this high-end S-segment car also rises. Therefore, to guarantee that your Ford Mustang gets continues to perform smoothly, visit Flaxley Tyres for Ford Mustang wheel alignment Birmingham.

Why do you need Ford Mustang wheel alignment in Birmingham?

Wheel alignment includes adjusting your car wheel angles as per the manufacturer specifications to improve your vehicle handling, increase fuel efficiency, extend tyre life, and most importantly, to ensure driving safety.

What are the signs of misaligned wheels?

In case your Ford Mustang shows some warning signs, like off-centre steering wheel even when driving straight, vibrations in the steering wheel etc., take the cue and reach us at the earliest.

Why choose Flaxley tyres?

Flaxley Tyres uses the advanced Hunter aligners to ensure precise and accurate services.

Therefore, if you are looking for Ford Mustang Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham, we are certainly your one-stop solution. Here are a few key features of the Hunter equipment:

  • Four HawkEye cameras along with four wheel sensors provide three-dimensional modelling of the wheel positions and accurate measurements as well.
  • The WinAlign software provides car-specific data which further accelerates the speed and accuracy of the process.
  • Lastly, the technicians available at Flaxley Tyres are highly trained to conduct this crucial service.

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