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Hyundai i20 Wheel Alignment

The wheels of a car should be perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. If this optimum measurement is not maintained, the overall performance of a car is impaired, leading to problems like poor steering response, inefficient car handling, increased tread wear and also reduced fuel efficiency. Therefore, car owners should opt for a routine wheel alignment check to experience unmatched safety and handling in various road conditions.

If you own an i20, you must be aware that Hyundai recommends a wheel alignment check after every 6,000 miles to ensure that the car retains its standard of performance throughout the year.

However, since the make and technical specifications of every car segment is different, you must opt for a specialised Hyundai i20 wheel alignment Birmingham that will efficiently adjust the axle geometry to manufacturer specifications.

We, Flaxley Tyres, offer customised wheel alignment services for Hyundai i20 at an extremely affordable price.

Flaxley Tyres is an advanced car service garage and is sought after for its specialised Hyundai i20 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham.

To effectively deal with the technical specification of an i20 and to offer unmatched service, we use HawkEye sensors and HawkEye high-resolution digital cameras to record even the slightest deviations in the camber, caster and toe angles.

Further, we use WinAlign wheel alignment software, which is the largest vehicle information database available in the market. Using this software, our technicians can access data about original measurements and other specifications about a large number of vehicles and hence can restore the axle geometry to its original make.

Additionally, our experts are highly trained and possess considerable knowledge about the advanced Hunter technology and hence can deal with any critical issue effectively to offer a thorough diagnosis and precise results within a short time span.

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