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Mercedes GLA Wheel Alignment

Mercedes cars have been dominating the European market ever since Emil Jellinek introduced horseless vehicles in the upper-class society of 1902. Since the first Mercedes 35Hp, the company has come a long way introducing unrivalled models of luxury and commercial automobiles.

The Mercedes GLA has especially stood out in the British market due to its ingenious fusion of sporty SUV and spacious passenger car features. Though this particular vehicle offers incredible fuel economy, you can further enhance it with routine wheel alignment and balancing services.

At Flaxley Tyres, we recommend our clients to get their vehicle wheels adjusted at least once a year to ensure accurate handling performance and improved fuel consumption. Our experienced technicians can accurately adjust Mercedes GLA wheels and have satisfied car owners from all around Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

The credit for our popularity goes to our experts as well as the high-tech aligners we use to conduct our services of Mercedes GLA wheel alignment Birmingham.

Hunter wheel alignment

Aligning vehicle wheels is a tricky business as even a difference of a few degrees can cause severe damage to the tyre tread and steering performance.

Flaxley Tyres ensures superb precision and accuracy with the help of our Mercedes GLA Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham system. Hunter offers state-of-the-art wheel aligners that aid our technicians to align wheels as per you vehicle model and manufacturer specifications.

It can provide ten times more accuracy compared to other aligning methods in the market by using the following systems.

HawkEye Sensors

This sensor ensures a swift and precise alignment by utilising three-dimensional modelling.

WinAlign Software

Our service of Mercedes GLA wheel alignment Birmingham is exceptionally efficient due to the extensive vehicle information database provided by this software for reference.

HawkEye Cameras

We hit the nail of unmatched aligning accuracy by using its patented high-resolution digital cameras and ensure safety, speed and productivity.

Drive your Mercedes to our facility during business hours for an alignment check.

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