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Volkswagen New Golf 8 Wheel Alignment

Accurate wheel alignment is essential for optimum car handling experience and improved fuel economy besides extending your car tyres’ service life. Hence, most car manufacturers recommend a wheel alignment check after every 5000-6000 miles.

If you own a New Golf 8 and are looking for garages that can offer reliable wheel alignment services, Flaxley Tyres is your ultimate destination. Our garage is equipped with advanced tools and a team of trained experts who possess considerable knowledge about most modern cars.

Hence, we can offer state-of-the-art Volkswagen New Golf 8 wheel alignment Birmingham.

When to opt for a wheel alignment check?

If you come across the following issues, take the cue and book an appointment with us:

    • Steering wheel doesn’t re-centre
    • Increased and uneven tread wear
    • Decreased fuel efficiency
    • Increased rolling resistance, etc.

Car owners should be extremely cautious of these symptoms and reach a reliable garage for precise solutions.

At Flaxley Tyres, we use the latest Hunter aligners to rectify any misalignment in the axle geometry of your car. This process involves equipment, like:

    • HawkEye sensors and HawkEye high-resolution cameras

These tools can collectively detect even the slightest errors in your vehicle’s wheel angles, with pinpoint accuracy and in the least TAT.

    • WinAlign software

This software stores the largest vehicle information database is currently available in the market. It provides our experts with correct details about different wheel angle measurements of your car model so that they can detect the degree of misalignment with respect to the original make and restore it adequately.

Therefore, end all your searches for a “wheel alignment garage near me” and visit us for accurate Volkswagen New Golf 8 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham.

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