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Audi A1 Wheel Alignment

The great city of Birmingham and its neighbouring towns have recently witnessed a significant influx of hatchbacks, especially the smaller ones. This phenomenon is not limited to Birmingham alone; most of the UK’s major cities have seen a steady rise in hatchback sales.

The Audi A1 was one of the first premium subcompact hatchbacks, also categorised as superminis, in these Isles.

Since these models tend to come with stiffer suspension and smaller tyres, even premium cars like Audi A1 are rather vulnerable to wheel misalignment due to kerbing, panic braking and accidents.

To ensure a safer and a more comfortable driving experience, feel free to visit us - Flaxley Tyres. We are one of the leaders so far as Audi A1 wheel alignment Birmingham is concerned.

Our facility in Stechford uses the latest technologies for wheel alignment which eliminates errors while saving your time.

What do we offer?

Flaxley Tyres specialises in Audi A1 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham. Hunter’s technology is used around the world, and it comes with one of the most innovative software suites.

The latest generation of Hunter’s HawkEye alignment machines come with on-board digital imaging technologies. Our technicians have enough experience working with such complicated equipment, and Hunter promises rapid alignment measurements.

Once the incorrect angles are calculated, we begin our Audi A1 wheel alignment Birmingham in earnest.

Once again, we turn to Hunter’s proprietary CodeLink technology.

Simply put, CodeLink is a state-of-the-art, completely integrated system which works exceedingly well with the other aspects of wheel alignment. It also helps us ensure that all sensors - from Lane Departure Warning Lights and other Driver Assistance Systems - are precisely placed without any chance of future issues cropping up.

Let us help you

If your Audi A1 has been facing problems recently and you are not satisfied with the ride quality, perhaps it is time for you to visit Flaxley Tyres.

In our experience, a single session of Audi A1 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham can do wonders for your car.

Please call us in advance on 0121 789 6549 to book a slot and jump the queue.