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Audi A3 Wheel Alignment

The Hunter Engineering Company was founded in 1946 by the dynamic American entrepreneur Lee Hunter. Since its inception, the company has specialised in manufacturing the most advanced automotive equipment including wheel balancers, alignment kits, quick tyre changers and braking solutions.

It is Hunter’s wheel aligners that have made it a familiar name across car service and repair facilities worldwide.

We are Flaxley Tyres, one of the leading garages in Birmingham. We have an impressive pool of clients who are fond of German cars, especially Audi’s models.

Since December 2019, the sales of the Audi A3, their entry-level sedan, have witnessed a sharp spike across the United Kingdom. We have also seen more Audi models in Birmingham and other major cities.

These premium vehicles require routine Audi A3 wheel alignment Birmingham to ensure their safety, comfort, superior mileage and slower tread wear.

This is where we can be of assistance.

How can Flaxley Tyres help you?

Flaxley Tyres is one of the few facilities in East Birmingham to provide Audi A3 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham. Our technicians have undergone extensive training to operate Hunter’s newest models.

There are several advantages that Audi A3 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham has over ordinary aligners. The most crucial ones are:

  • A Hunter HawkEye aligning machine can map each wheel in a three-dimensional space, thereby making extremely accurate readings of any misalignment.
  • At the moment, there is no rival technology which can match up to Hunter’s exacting standards.
  • It does not take much longer than a minute for the measurement process to complete. Plus, it helps us achieve higher productivity by bringing down our TAT.
  • Hunter aligners use computers to compare existing misalignment angles with the manufacturer-recommended ones. Given that every generation of Audi’s A3 and its siblings have differing camber, caster and toe, such automated comparisons are of great help.

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