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Audi A4 Wheel Alignment

Professional and regular wheel alignment sessions are critical aspects of vehicle maintenance. Regardless of the car you own, you must follow a pre-planned maintenance routine which will ensure that your precious vehicle remains in top shape, delivers excellent on-road performance and retains a handsome resale value.

These points hold even more import when you own a premium saloon like the Audi A4. For many years, the A4 has been touted as the German giant’s answer to competing cars of the same category that includes big names like Volvo’s XC 90 and the Jaguar XE.

If you own this modern classic and happen to live in or around Birmingham, you will find the most accurate Audi A4 wheel alignment Birmingham only at our facility - Flaxley Tyres.

We are widely considered to be among the finest automobile service garages in the West Midlands area, and our facility has a massive pool of clients in Greater Birmingham.

The Flaxley Tyres edge

Our facility has always been among the first-adopters of technology. Unlike many competing garages, we provide Audi A4 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham at reasonable prices.

Hunter is the world’s leading manufacturer of wheel alignment and balancing machines, and is also a formidable name in the heavy-duty tyre changer market globally. This American company produces class-leading alignment machines including the HawkEye Elite system, which is a fully computerised method that produces amazingly precise results.

Once we spot any misalignment of the camber, toe and caster angles, we will fix it promptly so that your Audi A4 is roadworthy again.

Our technicians are well-versed in using this technology. Thanks to the CodeLink feature of Audi A4 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham, it becomes easier for us to reset all the ADAS systems which come standard with this saloon.

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Your Audi A4 is a superb example of German automobile engineering, and it deserves the best service possible. We suggest that you use the superior alignment services of Flaxley Tyres whenever you realise that your car is running oddly, or when you replace a set of tyres.

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