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Audi A7 Wheel Alignment

As of 2020, the Audi A7 luxury sedan is equipped with a turbocharged V-6 engine that is able to generate a staggering 335 horsepower. The ethereal interiors and versatile functionalities have managed to put a spell on all petrol-heads. This German-made sedan sets itself apart from its competitors in Europe’s luxury car market.

If you own an Audi A7, you must maintain it properly to experience the best of its advanced all-wheel-drive system. The first thing that you must prioritise in your vehicle’s maintenance regime is wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels cause excessive tyre wear and significantly reduce their longevity. Apart from that, incorrect wheel alignment also causes severe handling issues.

Flaxley Tyres is one the leading garages specialising in Audi A7 wheel alignment Birmingham. If your car is showing symptoms of incorrect wheel alignment, it needs to be addressed at the earliest. Don’t hesitate to drive down to our facility.

Our team of certified experts possess the necessary skills to conduct accurate Audi A7 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham. For any query, you can get in touch with us. Call us during business hours on 0121 789 6549.

What makes Hunter wheel alignment so special?

Sometimes, wheel alignment can be a bit complicated. If the angles are wrong even by a few degrees, it can directly impact your car’s tyres and suspension system. To avoid such inaccuracies, we provide specialised Hunter wheel alignment services for luxury cars.

Backed by a new innovative laser technology, the Hunter wheel alignment system comprises the following:

HawkEye sensors: These sensors are one of the main factors behind accurate and rapid wheel alignment.

HawkEye high-resolution digital camera: This one-of-a-kind technology improves your car’s performance by delivering accurate measurements in no time.

WinAlign wheel alignment software: The third and final component of the Hunter wheel alignment system consists of the most extensive database of vehicle-related information and provides the maximum possible efficiency.

Does your Audi A7 require wheel alignment services?

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