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Fiat Wheel Alignment

To ensure reduced tyre wear, increased fuel economy, enhanced handling and safe driving, car wheels need to be precisely aligned as per the manufacturer specifications. Therefore, it is imperative to go for routine wheel alignment to enjoy a superior driving experience.

We, Flaxley Tyres, are one of the leading garages in Birmingham. Our workshop is renowned for our advanced Hunter wheel alignment services. We specialise in handling car models of Fiat, which are quite popular in England.

What are the visible signs of misaligned wheels?

If you struggle to drive your car straight even on a flat road, it indicates that the wheel angles are possibly misaligned. Also, if you notice uneven tyre wear, it can be due to misaligned wheels.

If you notice any of these signs or feel odd vibrations in your vehicle’s steering wheel, we recommend you opt for Fiat wheel alignment Birmingham at Flaxley Tyres.

Let’s have a look at what FLaxley Tyres can offer.

Flaxley Tyres is known for its class-apart Hunter wheel alignment services. This latest equipment ensures fast and accurate wheel alignment compared to conventional wheel aligners.

The HawkEye Elite System uses QuickGrip adapters, four HawkEye high-resolution cameras, HawkEye Sensors and WinAlign wheel alignment software and the award-winning CodeLink system to guarantee accurate wheel alignment services.

While the QuickGrip adapters protect the wheels from heavy damage during the process, the high-resolution cameras and wheel sensors deliver precise measurements and 3D modelling of wheel positions. The WinAlign software database provides extensive manufacturer-specific data which help the experts of our workshop to align the wheel angles correctly.

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