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Ford Ecosport Wheel Alignment

When was the last time you opted for a wheel alignment service for your Ford Ecosport?

If it’s been a year or you have already covered 10,000 miles since the last check, it is time you should opt for wheel alignment at a reliable garage nearby.

With Flaxley Tyres, residents of Birmingham can avail high-end wheel alignment services as we use the advanced Hunter Wheel Alignment system to adjust misaligned wheels.

What signs point out that you need Ford Ecosport wheel alignment Birmingham?

Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of wheel angles as per manufacturer specifications. In this process, the angles of the wheels are corrected so that they can make proper contact with the road surface.

The following is a list of signs that indicate your Ford Ecosport requires wheel alignment services.

  • If you struggle to keep the steering wheel centred even while driving straight.
  • If you feel odd vibrations in the steering wheel.
  • Uneven tyre wear.
  • If your vehicle is veering to one side of the road, etc.

Benefits of Ford Ecosport Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham

Professionals at Flaxley Tyres are well-trained to handle the advanced Hunter Wheel Alignment system. The advantages of using this equipment are manifold.

The set up takes minimum time, and the measurement results are shown in less than a minute.

  • Four high-resolution digital cameras deliver accurate 3D modelling of the wheel positions of your Ford Ecosport.
  • The HawkEye wheel sensors provide the most accurate measurements.
  • The revolutionary WinAlign software gives manufacturer-specific details, and the alignment process is done according to the provided guidelines.
  • CodeLink System recalibrates Ford Ecosport’s Steering Angle Sensors to inspect if the Electronic Stability Control system is operating optimally or not.

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