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Hyundai Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels affect the rolling resistance of your car tyres and consequently reduce fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Apart from this, wheel misalignment can also jeopardise your driving safety by reducing the steering response and handling performance.

To avoid these risks and to ensure that your Hyundai car retains its standard of performance, you should avail of a routine wheel alignment check. Generally, Hyundai manufacturer recommends that car owners must avail of this check every 5000-6000 miles.

Our garage, Flaxley Tyres, offer exclusive Hyundai wheel alignment Birmingham specifically customised to meet the technicalities of any segment of Hyundai car.

About our Hyundai wheel alignment

Flaxley Tyres understands that the chassis and suspension system of various car segments significantly vary from one another. Hence, to effectively meet the unique technical construction of various Hyundai cars, we offer specialised Hyundai Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham.

Unlike ordinary wheel aligners and cameras, we use advanced HawkEye senors and HawkEye digital cameras for utmost precision and prompt results. These offer 3-dimensional modelling and record even the slightest deviations in camber, caster and toe angles of the wheels accurately.

We also use WinAlign, which is the largest available vehicle information database, to rectify the misaligned wheels to manufacturer-recommended measurements.

Further, our technicians are highly trained and possess detailed knowledge about modern technologies to perform the check with maximum precision.

Therefore, if your Hyundai car is showing symptoms like:

  • Crooked or vibrating steering wheel
  • Vehicle drifts towards the left or right while driving straight
  • Increased tread wear
  • Reduced rolling resistance, etc.

visit our garage for expert assistance.

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