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Hyundai i30 Wheel Alignment

Are you looking for a specialised garage for Hyundai i30 wheel alignment?

At Flaxley Tyres, we offer state-of-the-art Hyundai i30 wheel alignment Birmingham at an affordable price to restore even the slightest misalignment in your car’s wheel angles effectively.

Essentially, Hyundai recommends a wheel alignment check every 5000-6000 miles. However, if you experience an inefficient steering response or if the tyres of your car are wearing out faster than usual, we recommend you reach us at the earliest.

What problems are caused by faulty wheel alignment?

Wheel misalignment impairs the overall performance of your vehicle and jeopardises your driving safety as well.

Some of the warning signs include:

  • It deteriorates the steering response and car handling efficiency.
  • It increases the chances of a sudden tyre blowout following accelerated tread wear.
  • The rolling resistance of the tyres is also affected due to misaligned wheels, which in turn reduces fuel efficiency.

When should you avail of a wheel alignment check?

It is essential for i30 owners to opt for wheel alignment checks if they come across the following issues:

  • Vehicle drifts towards the left or right even while driving straight
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Crooked or vibrating steering wheel
  • Squealing noise coming from the tyres.

Flaxley Tyres offers a specialised Hyundai i30 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham that can effectively rectify any misalignment in the camber, caster and toe angles of your car wheels.

The Hunter wheel alignment system comprises HawkEye sensors and HawkEye digital cameras. Unlike regular wheel aligners, these offer a 3D modelling and inspection of the wheel angles and also improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency of our service.

Further, we also use the WinAlign wheel alignment software, which stores details about measurements and specifications for a wide number of vehicles. This software helps our technicians to restore the axle geometry of your car to its original measurements for uncompromised handling performance and driving safety.

Therefore, look no further for professional garages near you to avail of i30 wheel alignment Birmingham. Book an appointment with us by calling on 0121 789 6549.