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Mercedes S Class Wheel Alignment

The first model that started off the Mercedes S Class series in 1972 is the W116. Formerly known as the ‘Sonderklasse’ German, the S Class is Mercedes-Benz’s coveted flagship.

Since its inception, Mercedes S Class has been launching full-size luxury sedans, limousines and armoured sedans, along with incorporating innovative technologies and advanced safety features (like seatbelt pretensioners). The superior comfort, attractive interior and exterior design along with high-end technologies of Mercedes S Class have made this range a dream of every car enthusiast.

As per a 2019 UK sales statistics, a total 10,517 Mercedes S Class units were sold in the UK market. The number can alone explain the popularity of this range among British car owners.

Such a luxury car requires proper and regular maintenance along with routine wheel alignment checks.

If you are looking for Mercedes S Class wheel alignment Birmingham, you can rely on Flaxley Tyres.

Why us?

Flaxley Tyres is one of the few facilities in Birmingham that use top-notch equipment provided by the Hunter Engineering Company to adjusting Mercedes S Class’ misaligned wheels.

  • The Hunter HawkEye Elite wheel alignment system offers accurate measurements in a short span of time.
  • This system uses its patented QuickGrip adaptors with spring-loaded arms that prevent any damage to the rim.
  • The four high-resolution digital cameras, along with wheel sensors, provide 3D modelling of wheel angles and accurate measurements, respectively.
  • The WinAlign software provides manufacturer-specific details of Mercedes S Class which makes the entire process more accurate.
  • CodeLink system allows a reset of the Steering Angle Sensors on vehicles equipped with Electronic Steering Control (ESC).

When should you opt for Mercedes S Class Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham?

If your vehicle veers to one side or you notice excessive tyre wear or feel odd vibrations in the steering wheel, it’s time to reach us for accurate wheel alignment checks.

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