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Range Rover Wheel Alignment

The Range Rover is a full-sized luxury sport utility vehicle(SUV) that excels in delivering superior driving comfort, convenience, maximum safety and amazing handling.

With a luxury car like this, it is imperative that your Range Rover must undergo routine check-up and maintenance sessions. Lack of attention to any tell-tale sign may result in costly and irreparable damages.

We, Flaxley Tyres, recommend you opt for wheel alignment every 10,000 miles or 12 months. If you are a resident of Birmingham and are looking for advanced wheel alignment services for your Range Rover, call us on 0121 789 6549.

Signs that indicate you need Range Rover wheel alignment Birmingham

  • Vehicle drags to one side of the road
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Excessive or uneven tyre wear
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel, etc.

Why choose us?

We, at Flaxley Tyres, conduct wheel alignment services using the advanced Hunter Wheel Alignment system. The advantages of Range Rover Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham are manifold as the process includes:

High-resolution cameras: Four Hunter HawkEye digital high-resolution precision cameras provide three-dimensional modelling of the wheel positions. These deliver ten times more accurate results than traditional camera aligners.

Wheel sensors: The HawkEye wheel sensors offer accurate measurements.

WinAlign software: Hunter Engineering Company has come up with this unmatched software that has an extensive database of thousands of cars that helps the alignment process.

CodeLink system: This award-winning system resets steering angle sensors and maximises the safety features of your vehicle.

Our professionals are rigorously trained to carry out the whole process in minimum turnaround time.

Feel free to contact our expert technicians regarding any query on wheel alignment. You can drive down to our garage at Unit 1, Imex Business Park, Flaxley Rd, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AL, UK during business hours. We remain closed on Sundays.