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Skoda Wheel Alignment

Accurately aligned wheels are an essential component of your car’s suspension system and directly impact handling efficiency and steering response. Hence, faulty wheel alignment not only increases the chances of accidents but also impacts factors like fuel efficiency, tyre wear, rolling resistance, etc. It is, therefore, extremely crucial to avail of a professional wheel alignment check if you come across any warning sign.

Visit Flaxley Tyres for exclusive Skoda wheel alignment Birmingham that will effectively cater to the unique technicalities and construction of your car model.

When to opt for a wheel alignment check?

Usually, Skoda experts recommend a routine wheel alignment check every 5000-6000 miles to ensure that your car offers unmatched performance in any road condition.

We suggest car owners to be cautious and look out for certain warning signs, like increased vehicle directional pulls, uneven tread wear, increased fuel consumption, crooked steering wheel, etc. and opt for an early wheel alignment check. In such cases, you should only reach a reliable garage like Flaxley Tyres.

Why us?

We offer specialised Skoda Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham to effectively rectify any misalignment in your Skoda car model and restore the axle geometry to its manufacturer-recommended measurements within a short span of time.

We are equipped with advanced tools like HawkEye sensors and HawkEye digital cameras which offer unmatched accuracy in recording any fault in the wheel angle measurements and also accelerate the overall process. 

Our garage also uses the WinAlign software, which is the most advanced vehicle information database available in the market. With the help of this software, our experts can access original information about measurements and other details of almost any car model, and hence, can adjust your vehicle’s camber, caster and toe angles precisely.

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