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TVR Wheel Alignment

Are you looking for reliable services of TVR wheel alignment Birmingham?

We recommend you visit us at Flaxley Tyres.


Flaxley Tyres is one of the most advanced car service garages in and around your location. Equipped with advanced machineries and a team of highly trained experts, we can effectively adjust your vehicle’s wheel angles at affordable prices.

Why opt for a routine wheel alignment check?

Incorrectly aligned wheels can adversely affect your overall car handling experience. It also increases rolling resistance and leads to more fuel consumption. Further, if the axle geometry is not in its optimum shape, it leads to frequent and uneven tyre wear, making it necessary to avail of frequent tyre replacements.

Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to opt for a timely wheel alignment to enhance both your driving safety and car handling experience.

When should you go for a wheel alignment check?

Ideally, car owners should avail of a wheel alignment check in the following cases:

  • If they have driven 6000 miles since the last wheel alignment session.
  • There is an increased vehicle drift towards the left or right direction.
  • The tyres are wearing out quickly and unevenly.
  • The steering wheel is crooked, vibrating and not adequately responsive.

How do we help?

Flaxley Tyres can rectify any issue in your TVR’s wheel angles with the most advanced TVR Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham. We will carefully inspect the caster, camber and toe angles and effectively restore them to the original make with hi-tech tools, like:

  • HawkEye sensors
  • HawkEye digital cameras, etc.

These machines record even the slightest misalignment in the 3 angles with superb accuracy and within the least TAT.

We also use the WinAlign wheel alignment software, which is the most efficient vehicle information database, to access original data about any vehicle, and hence, accurately restore the axle geometry of your car.

To avail of our expert assistance, call us on 0121 789 6549 during business hours.