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Volvo Wheel Alignment

Volvo cars are manufactured with a unique blend of technologies to ensure a superior driving experience as well as enhanced safety in any road condition. The chassis of modern cars like Volvo is highly advanced, and hence, requires specialised services to rectify any issue that can happen due to physical or mechanical damage or from any accident.

Hence, if you are looking for specialised Volvo wheel alignment Birmingham, get in touch with Flaxley Tyres for prompt solutions. Equipped with high-end machineries and software, we can restore any fault in your car’s wheel angles with utmost precision at an extremely affordable price.

Flaxley Tyres utilises the advanced Hunter alignment machine to rectify the axle geometry of any car model with enhanced efficiency and within a short time period.

Instead of ordinary aligners and digital cameras, we carry out the entire process of wheel alignment with the use of superior HawkEye sensors and HawkEye high-resolution digital cameras. These machines can record even the slightest fault in the caster, camber and toe angles of your car wheels with matchless accuracy.

Further, the specialised WinAlign software helps our experts to adjust wheel angles as per manufacturer specifications by allowing them to access factory data about various car models conveniently.

When should you avail of our service?

Car owners should look out for the warning signs of wheel misalignment which are listed below.

      • Your car drags to a side even when driving straight
      • Vibrating steering wheel
      • Crooked steering wheel
      • Increased and uneven tread wear
      • Increased fuel consumption, etc.

We also recommend customers to opt for a routine wheel alignment check every 6000 miles to ensure optimum handling performance and driving safety in every road condition.

Hence, you needn’t look any further for Volvo Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham.

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