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Volvo S90 Wheel Alignment

Engineered with state-of-the-art Swedish technologies, Volvo redefined the segment of luxury sedans with the launch of S90 in 2016. Apart from combining a sporty design and enhanced safety features, this variant’s signature B4 and B5 engine for petrol and diesel models respectively offer powerful performance with the new PowerPlus technology that helps eliminate turbo lag and enhances fuel efficiency as well.

If you wish to experience an unbeatable driving experience with your Volvo S90, it is crucial to ensure that the wheel angles are correctly aligned to manufacturer specifications. Any fault in the wheel angles can further affect other car components and lead to hefty repair bills.

Hence, if you come across any warning sign of misaligned wheels, opt for S90 wheel alignment Birmingham from us at Flaxley Tyres.

Why choose us?

At our garage, we understand that the chassis of every car has a distinct construction and hence requires customised maintenance and timely checks. We offer S90 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham with cutting-edge tools and machineries, like:

  • HawkEye digital cameras and HawkEye sensors: These offer multidimensional modelling of the car’s wheel angles and help to identify even the slightest disparity with utmost accuracy.
  • WinAlign Software: This software is an advanced vehicle information database which has records about specifications and measurements of almost all car models available in the market. With the help of the software, our experts can easily compare the current wheel angles with manufacturer specifications and make adjustments accordingly.

Hence, if your S90 shows any of the following symptoms of incorrectly aligned wheels, please turn to us for accurate Hunter wheel alignment.

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Off-centre and vibrating steering wheel
  • Your car drifts to the left or right
  • Squealing tyres, etc.

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