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Volvo V90 Wheel Alignment

The Volvo V90 is manufactured with advanced technologies to offer a luxurious driving experience, safety and comfort. Further, the robust suspension system of this car is ingeniously customised to adapt to various road conditions.

Therefore, the wheel alignment of your car needs to be as per the manufacturer specifications to ensure a smooth mechanism of its suspension system. You can rely on us at Flaxley Tyres for specialised Volvo V90 wheel alignment Birmingham

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Flaxley Tyres never compromises with the quality of our services. Hence, we use the latest Hunter aligners to accurately adjust the wheel angles.

Technologically advanced tools like HawkEye sensors and HawkEye digital cameras are far more precise than ordinary aligners and can record even the slightest deviation in the wheel angles with utmost accuracy.

We also use the WinAlign software that further helps us to correctly restore the wheel angles of any car to manufacturer-recommended specifications. This software is essentially the largest database of vehicle-related information and stores data of measurements and other specifications of almost any vehicle available in the market.

Therefore, you can feel free to book an appointment with us for specialised Volvo  V90 Hunter wheel alignment Birmingham. Ideally, car owners should opt for a wheel alignment check after every 5000-6000 miles.

However, you should reach us at earliest for prompt solutions if you detect performance issues, like:

  • Your car keeps drifting to a side
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Reduced steering response
  • Increase tread wear
  • Crooked and vibrating steering wheel

These symptoms, if noticed, should not be left unattended. For a quick and thorough inspection of your V90’s camber, caster and toe angles, please visit us during business hours.

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